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Got Daily 4th Prize!!! But on the wrong game ? :P

2013-07-05 17:16:58 by makehimanoffer

Hey guys,
makehimanoffer here. So hey, epic news, my game Psycho Cycle Smash got daily 4th prize for today. That's super epic!!!
I'm actually really, really happy with it and all. But, part of me, just feels that my other game which I released on the same day: X.C.V.B is just straight up better. Like the controls are more fluid, the idea more unique, etc. Like to me Psycho Cycle Smash is just a freaking hard platformer with some walljumping, portals, reverse gravity, and such. I can't deny that I didn't work really hard on making some very interesting and challenging levels for it. I'm especially proud of Level 5 of the Reverse Grav section. It was literally the coolest level ever if I do say so myself. But, there's not much new going on.

I can see the appeal of it and all.

But: XCVB is like my crowning achievement at the moment. It is everything I wanted it to be. Freaking Hard, Tight Controls, Reflex Based, and can really mess with your head.

I feel that if I had left out the animated color background in the game I would have had a higher rating. As it would be less brain hurting. But I was really trying to make that the point.

There's two levels where the camera shakes viciously and the animated background plays. And straight up: it hurts my eyes. But I was trying to make that the point of it. I even gave a medal called Seizurific for beathing these.

Anyways, I have my say.

Below are the links to the two games:


Psycho Cycle Smash: The one that won daily 4th prize.


X.C.V.B: The game which I think is better.

Anyways, lemme know what you think? Am I right? Or am I totally off base?


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2013-07-05 20:11:47

First World Problems. :D "I got the daily 4th.....ON THE WRONG GAME" [rocks in corner crying]

makehimanoffer responds:

Genuinely is lad. I feel like Jonathan Blow. People get my game, but they're not getting it in the right ways :P


2013-07-06 10:17:17

Youre the new Jonathan Blow

makehimanoffer responds:

I know I should feel offended but he's a pretty awesome coder. But you know what I mean.


2013-07-10 01:49:31

Congrats for the award! And thanks for adding a link to the icon on your latest game ^^


2013-07-11 00:35:18

Wow, you're doing great! The Game Jam is over, and you've already coded three more games, including one for Robot Day. I can't believe you're the same person who said 'I'm going to learn Flixel' one week ago. You shouldn't stop coding games for NG! At this rate, you'll be a NG celeb very soon! :)

makehimanoffer responds:

I went on a freaking binge with flixel dude. It's solo good to use.. Also molyjam and robot day came quickly. Our robot day game ended up being made in a day following molyjam so its fairly buggy and limited. But hey... Prototyping and such. I like guaging the audience for things ya see.