Trying to Win A Surface Pro 2... WITH APPS!

2013-10-14 18:27:16 by makehimanoffer

Hey guys,
makehimanoffer here.
Just said I'd let ye all know what I'm currently up to.
Back in college at the moment, for my final year of Games Design and Development.

Also at the moment currently working towards a competition to win myself a Surface Pro 2. If I make 5 Apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8 each, and then get 100 downloads on each in time.

And so NG'ers. I'd freaking love your help. So if you've a windows phone and windows 8 I'd love your help.

So that's all the windows 8 apps.

And these are the windows phone apps:

And so. These are the apps that I need downloads on. Any help would be appreciated. And possibly rewarded, if I can.

Thank you,

PS. This college year has made me want to just do everything in Flixel. Because I sorta despise c++. Sortof.


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2013-10-14 22:20:42

good work i am going to help :)

makehimanoffer responds:

Thanks you XD